Is there Time for a Home Business?

Think You Don’t Have Enough Time For a Home Business?

by Carrie Lauth

Those of us who are happily operating home based businesses hear this often: “I just don’t have the TIME to start a home based business… I’m just too busy!”

While it may be true, it’s an interesting statement to make, because it implies that someone else is controlling your time. We all have 24 hours in a day. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the busiest people get the most stuff done?

You’ve heard the old expression “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Why do you suppose this is?

My guess is because busy people have figured out how to prioritize. They don’t waste time doing things that most people insist on doing. The fact of the matter is, if you want to get anywhere in life, you’re going to have to make drastically different choices than most of the people around you.

Sadly, too many people just kind of blindly walk through life, arriving safely at their destination (nowhere!).

Everyone who is operating a successful home based business is giving something up. Speaking personally, I’m glad to give up the following things in order to achieve financial independence and freedom…

No offense against Oprah, but I would rather Design A Life (like Oprah has done), than spend time viewing the goings on of other people’s lives.

Daytime talk shows, morning “news” shows.
Most of this stuff is time wasting, mindless drivvel and gossip.

TV, period.
I admit…I have NO idea what is going on with the Bachelorette, I have never seen Survivor, or American Idol, and don’t know who is sleeping with whom this week on ER. I don’t feel I’m missing out.

Ok, now this is a touchy subject! Most people are rabidly defensive of their sleep. That’s all well and good. The human body does operate best on 8 hours. The interesting thing is, there have been times in my life where I was getting 10 hours of sleep and felt exhausted, and times when I was getting 6 hours and felt completely exhilarated and excited.
The difference? My attitude.

When I am involved in something I feel passionately about, I go to bed late and get up early and feel great!

Excessive socializing.
Don’t get me wrong…having friends and getting out are important for one’s sense of well being. But frequent get-togethers with the Mommies at Starbucks suck a lot of time and energy, and oftentimes cause one to spend money that could be put to more productive use.

Reading popular women’s magazines and fiction.
While this may be enjoyable, if reading is your hobby, why not read things that will inspire you to live a life of excellence, or that will grow you as a person?
The bottom line is, in order to have something great, it’s usually necessary to give up something else. Everyone has time to start a home based business if they take out the time wasting activities they’re currently engaged in.

And for you Moms who are already in business, when you hear this from your prospect, take it for what it actually is: an excuse, and move on…there are plenty of women out there who want what you have. Don’t waste your precious time!

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