How It All Started…

Working WAHM has made some transitions over the years since Val Selby started it in November of 2006. It started as a blog only and had no plan at all. Val was working outside of the home as a personal trainer and then also online. But not physically being home to work her online business was putting a big toll on everything. This started out as her blog about trying to balance it.

Plans for the Future…

I’m Christina Lemmey and I recently purchased Working WAHM from Val, who is trying to stay laser-focused on her business. This was Val’s baby so I hope to do it justice by turning it into a valuable free resource for Work At Home Moms.

Before I started my virtual assistant business, I was scouring the internet looking for ideas and ways to work from home legitimately. I found a good mix of work at home scams mixed in with legitimate advice. Thankfully, I avoided the scams, found a mentor, and have been making some extra money for my family by creating multimedia content for my clients’ websites.

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To Your Success!