15 day Goal Completion

Always a learning experience, did some right, did some the hard way, and will completely revamp some things. lol

But numbers, you want numbers right?

I didn’t hit the $500. However, with the extra marketing and pushing I have one other VA client that will be signing up June 1st, but until that money is exchanged I can’t count it towards my goal. That client would put me at $473 extra from this challenge. So my true number was $378 in extra income for the 15 days. But beyond the money, I put some better habits in place and saw some great traffic increases as well. All of this documented for my next 15 day goal and for daily business.

Original quick post of ways to accomplish this goal were:

1. Push my affiliates at Once a Week Cooking (This didn’t get put in place at all)
2. Tweet daily on the Once a Week Cooking account (Did much better at this!)
3. Get blog posts up there daily. (Planned on 12 and got 9 up. SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT HAS BEEN! Great habit formed.)
4. Get 5 new PLR packs added to Busy Blogger PLR (Have 10 packs loaded now and another 5 to add as I type this)
5. 5 blog posts added to the Busy Blogger PLR site about PLR and it’s uses. (Only got 3 fully written and added, have another 10 posts started)

What also was added was a big Mother’s Day sale at Mom Chats and more blog posts on other blogs. I made sure and got atleast 1 affiliate link in each post I put up on other blogs.  I added a big VA special and took on 1 client that way and then the other client that would like to purchase hours in June.

Major thing I learned for next time:

1.  Check the calendar before committing to the 15 days.  I chose a time frame that hubby was home quite a bit, this makes it difficult to work as much as I’d like to.  Next challenge I will schedule around that.  Believe me it will be soon.  I want to get another one finished before kids are out of school and that’s not very many weeks out.

2.  Have daily tasks written out and focus completely on just 1 or 2 sites for the major 15 day goal push.

3.  Figure out what I am going to outsource for those 15 days and give work list to my VA ahead of time.

4.  When pre-planning the dates of my goal, get a daily schedule written out of the extra’s needed to accomplish this goal.  Also look at any site design or setups that need to be completed before the challenge starts.  During my goal is not the time to create new stuff, it is the time to push things I already have in place.

5. I have a disaster plan in place for daily work, but I didn’t for the extra stuff.  I had a death to contend with during this time and we also ended up having 2 birthdays, plus some other things on the weekends.  My last week didn’t get put to use like I’d hoped and and that really cut into not hitting my goal.  So pre-planning is going to be key!

I’m excited for what I did hit with no real planning.  Now to push the next challenge well beyond and put into place all the things I learned.


  1. Awesome progress on your new daily business habits! Love it :) It looks like you fleshed out some new systems to put in place that should really help you move forward.

  2. Very much so. It’s also making it easier to toss things on my list of must go’s. lol When it comes down to it, does it make me money, do I love it or both? It’s out of here if it can’t hit one of those things :) No time for any of the extra’s weighing me down. Which is hilarious considering how much I’ve already dropped this year so far.

    Now that there is positive movement it’s snowballing and I love it!