Entrepreneurship is Getting Cheaper Every Day

Financial Freedom

Small business owners and working moms have been hit harder than most by the economic troubles of the last few years—but amid all the bad news, we’re also experiencing a sea change in business technology, making it easier than ever to start your own business with minimal startup capital. The economies of scale that used […]

5 Tips to Finance Your Startup Safely

Finance Your Startup

Going into debt can be scary at the best of times, but every growing startup needs money. If you’ve got an idea that you’re ready to show the world, take a look at these tips to keep your personal finances secure, and your legal bases covered. 1. Build plenty of “sweat equity” before you start […]

How Much Money Do You Make Each Month?

Tracking Business Expenses

No, I’m not asking for exact numbers…your income is your own business. But do you know exactly what your take home pay is after you pay your monthly expenses? Do you know how much you spend each month on those expenses? When was the last time you sat with these numbers to figure out if […]

Why Do You Work From Home?

Benefits of Working From Home

Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s 15th birthday. Multiple times a year my husband and I bemoan the fact that the kids are getting older at what seems to be a much faster rate than when WE were their age. I remember feeling like I would NEVER be old enough to drive / work / go […]

The Beauty of a Super Focused Website

Focus Your Website To Your Reader

How many categories do you have on your blog or website? I ask this because I work as the Content Manager for a client’s website and he has five categories, that’s it! Part of my job is reviewing guest article posts that are randomly sent in and even though they may be very well-written, very […]

From the Mouths of Babes: Learn To Say No

Time Management Advice for Work At Home Moms

Yes, this was the lesson my 10-year-old daughter reminded me of today. She’s very wise beyond her years, an old but logical soul inside her small but growing-like-a-weed body. This week has been just crazy busy with LOTS of client work plus getting my teen ready for her trip to Paris on Friday, AND searching […]

Recovering From Being Hacked

Computer Hackers Attack Websites of All Sizes

Good grief. Getting your website hacked is no fun (as if I had to state the obvious!) I am the first to admit that I hadn’t been giving this site much love and attention when the hacking occurred. My virtual assistant business was super busy as were my kids with their after school activities. The […]